A considerate kind of research and design practice. Our interests lie in the production, the disruption and the perception of public space.
We are exploring the experiential qualities of the built environment through a practice of design rooted in mapping and observation.
Our work proposes a discussion on the lived reality of space in the city, in particular, its impact on our shared environments.

01 DARTing Atmospheres
02 Situationist National

03 Sonic Threshold
04 Phibsborough Public Realm 

05 Bishop Lucey Park
06 Memorial Bridge

07 Sound as a Common Language08 Cartographic Practice
     09 Sounding Place



Cartographic Practice

Walking and observing the spaces of the city and the movements and rituals that occur within and around  them can reveal how we each differently preform and respond to daily life either by, by nature or by necessity. 

During a field trip to Vencie, we collaborated with second year students of architecture from University College Dublin in a mapping workshop. Following the footsteps of Sophie Calle’s Suite Vénitienne we sought to capture an intimate protrait of an experience of the city.