A considerate kind of research and design practice. Our interests lie in the production, the disruption and the perception of public space.
We are exploring the experiential qualities of the built environment through a practice of design rooted in mapping and observation.
Our work proposes a discussion on the lived reality of space in the city, in particular, its impact on our shared environments.

01 DARTing Atmospheres
02 Situationist National

03 Sonic Threshold
04 Phibsborough Public Realm 

05 Bishop Lucey Park
06 Memorial Bridge

07 Sound as a Common Language08 Cartographic Practice
     09 Sounding Place



Memorial Garden Bridge

The River Liffey and a dramatic change in level currently deny the connection of the two extraordinary landscapes in question; the War Memorial Gardens and the Phoenix Park. The landscape of this site is understood as a multiplicity of narratives ranging from geology and archaeology, to natural habitats and plant life, to contemporary and historical pastimes and routes. It is characterised by the park highlands and maritime pine forest to the north, the river edge and the horizon of the memorial gardens lined with silver maple and golden polar to the south. The proposal seeks to draw on this to create its own cultural entity, a new public garden that connects the two powerful landscapes.

Concept Image

Concept Image

Bridge Section

Tower Plan

Responding to Edwin Lutyen’s proposed commemorative journey, the path traverses three distinct landscapes the formal lawns, concentric rose gardens and ‘solemn static’ elements of the war memorial gardens, to the wilder grasses and noises of the riverside and finally to the open plains of the deer park. The bridge gently rises and falls to the base of a viewing tower, that when climbed, affords views of the city, the park and even to the river source in the distant mountains. At the base of the tower a space for gathering and ceremony is centred around a fountain that opens up to a densely planted garden, falling to the river. In time, the tower structure holds the potential to connect to the park at a number of levels, via another bridge over the roadway. The intention of the project is to create an open system for the development of the site. The strategy employed is anticipatory; it assumes change and expects to respond to future needs.

Site Elevation

Site Plan

The significance of this site is manifested in an approach that gives precedence both to the strength of the historical context and to the public use of the space; offering specific areas to walk, sit, gather and assemble. The aim is to enable inhabitation at varying scales of experience, accommodating the everyday and the ceremonial.

This competition entry was made in collaboration with Michael Farrell and Rachel Gallagher.